Fallen Guardian is an enemy in Sinjid Shadow of the Warrior that appears during the Dark Rift.

Fallen Guardian Sprite Dark Rift Level 3 Drops:
Fallen Blade
Fallen Shield
Icon: Fallen Guardian Icon
Weapon: Fallen Blade Gold dropped: 400 Ally: -
Shield: Fallen Shield ExP: 500 Speed: 38
Precision Slash
Flame Hoop
Bonus Shield Damage: 10 Physical Damage: 50 Magical Damage: 20
Life: 4000 Physical Defense: 40 Magical Defense: 40
Shield Hit Points: 2300 Shield Physical Defense: 20 Shield Magical Defense: 20


Stab: Fallen Guardian walks to you or your shadow and stabs

Slash: Fallen Guardian walks to you or your shadow and slashes

Hoop: Fallen Guardian sends out a moon shaped projectile from his sword


Either Fallen Sword or Fallen Shield.

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