"A quiet and peaceful castle of the Haruki family."


Haruki Peon x5
Haruki Assassin x4
Haruki Retainer x4
Haruki Priest x3
Daisuke the Noble (Mini boss)
Lord Tetsuo (Boss)
Lord Haruki


From AreaEdit

Sinjid Deep Water Deep Water (obtain from well)

Sinjid Blessed Chain Blessed Chain (loot from chest)

Sinjid Gold (Currency) 80 Gold

Sinjid Snow Silk Leggings Snow Silk Leggings (loot from chest)

Sinjid Haruki Doll Haruki Doll (loot from chest)

From CharactersEdit

Haruki Peon:
Sinjid Ikura Maki Ikura Maki (70%)

Haruki Assassin:
Sinjid Veiled Shako Veiled Shako (12.5%)

Sinjid Veiled Aegis Veiled Aegis (12.5%)

Sinjid Stalker Dash Stalker Dash (5%)

Sinjid Chilli Ramen Chilli Ramen (50%)

Haruki Retainer:
Sinjid Mystical Helm Mystical Helm (6.3%)

Sinjid Eternal Bastion Eternal Bastion (5%)

Sinjid Mystical Greaves Mystical Greaves (6.3%)

Sinjid Ruby Ring Ruby Ring (6.3%)

Sinjid Haruki Greatsword Haruki Greatsword (6.3%)

Sinjid Rice Ball Rice Ball (50%)

Haruki Priest:
Sinjid Mystical Vambraces Mystical Vambraces (8.3%)

Sinjid Veiled Leggings Veiled Leggings (8.3%)

Sinjid Haruki Kunai Haruki Kunai (8.3%)

Sinjid Spring Water Spring Water (50%)

Daisuke the Noble:
Sinjid Pearl Armor Pearl Armor (33.3%)

Sinjid Pearl Leggings Pearl Leggings (33.3%)

Sinjid Pearl Boots Pearl Boots (33.3%)

Sinjid Snowfall Snowfall (20%)

Sinjid Tea Tea (100%)

Lord Tetsuo:
Sinjid Tetsuo's Helm Tetsuo's Helm (33.3%)

Sinjid Tetsuo's Gloves Tetsuo's Gloves (33.3%)

Sinjid Amulet of Life Amulet of Life (20%)

Sinjid Tetsuo's Spear Tetsuo's Spear (33.3%)

Sinjid Elixir of Luck Elixir of Luck (50%)

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