Hattori is a character from the game Sinjid Shadow of the Warrior. He is the father of this game's Sinjid and appears only in the game's prologue.


Hattori is the leader and strongest warrior of a small, unnamed village. When the Fallen Army attacks, Hattori leads the village's defense. At some point, he realizes that the battle is lost, and arranges a meeting with his close friend Fujin at a safe location.

Much to Fujin's surprise, Hattori has brought along his infant son, Sinjid. Hattori explains that he wants Fujin to take Sinjid into the mountains, where he will be safe. Fujin is tasked with training Sinjid in the ways of the Shadow, with the goal of one day combatting the Fallen Army. Hattori then announces his intention to rejoin the battle below.

Fujin reminds Hattori that the battle is lost; Hattori will likely never see his son again. Hattori has accepted this and notes that he will be satisfied if he can divert the army while Fujin escapes with Sinjid. Hattori then leaves; he is later presumed dead in the conflict.