"A dark and mysterious castle in the Ichisan region."


Kazuro (Temporary)
Ichisan Rogue x6
Ichisan Worker x3
Ichisan Priest x5
Ichisan Warrior x3
Ichisan Retainer (Mini boss)
Kasumi (Boss)


From AreaEdit

Sinjid Obsidian Kunai Obsidian Kunai (loot from chest)

Sinjid Gold (Currency) 100 Gold

Sinjid Lunar Shako Lunar Shako (loot from chest)

Sinjid Deep Water Deep Water (obtain from well)

Sinjid Naga Eye Naga Eye (loot from chest)

Sinjid Gold (Currency) 100 Gold

Sinjid Crystal Crystal (obtain from rock)

From CharactersEdit

Ichisan Rogue:
Sinjid Exalted Gloves Exalted Gloves (8.3%)

Sinjid Exalted Armor Exalted Armor (8.3%)

Sinjid Wolverine Leggings Wolverine Leggings (5%)

Sinjid Misted Sai Misted Sai (8.3%)

Sinjid Packed Bento Packed Bento (35%)

Ichisan Worker:
Sinjid Spring Water Spring Water (70%)

Ichisan Priest:
Sinjid Exalted Mask Exalted Mask (8.3%)

Sinjid Gem of Night Gem of Night (8.3%)

Sinjid Misted Staff Misted Staff (8.3%)

Sinjid Spring Water Spring Water (50%)

Ichisan Warrior:
Sinjid Cruel Vambraces Cruel Vambraces (8.3%)

Sinjid Cruel Legplates Cruel Legplates (8.3%)

Sinjid Cruel Sabatons Cruel Sabatons (8.3%)

Sinjid Spear of the Mist Spear of the Mist (5%)

Sinjid Tofu Tofu (35%)

Ichisan Retainer:
Sinjid Cruel Helmet Cruel Helmet (33.3%)

Sinjid Cruel Armor Cruel Armor (33.3%)

Sinjid Resonant Gem Resonant Gem (33.3%)

Sinjid Side Claw Side Claw (20%)

Sinjid Sake Sake (70%)

Sinjid Cover of the Mist Cover of the Mist (20%)

Sinjid Misted Cuirass Misted Cuirass (33.3%)

Sinjid Traitor's Leggings Traitor's Leggings (33.3%)

Sinjid Kasumi's Knife Kasumi's Knife (33.3%)

Sinjid Elixir of Power Elixir of Power (50%)

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