Sinjid Ryota the Sly MINIBOSS
The Venomwoods

Easy:2160 Health, 100 Mana

Normal:2460 Health, 100 Mana

Hard:3380 Health, 100 Mana

Ryota the Sly is the Mini-boss of the Venomwoods. His melee attacks are not very powerful, but he more than makes up for it with his devastating poison projectiles that he can fire off. These projectiles not only go a long distance, but also home in on Sinjid and is very tough to avoid. A poison cloud will appear from the projectiles which will keep damaging Sinjid if he stays on the spot. Try to lure Ryota into this cloud while keeping yourself out of the cloud in order to deal significantly more damage to Ryota. To make matters worse, Ryota the Sly also has a constant spell cast on himself called Sanctity which heals him for a fair bit of health every 3 seconds, so keeping the pressure on him is important. After beating Ryota, you can get Venomwood Toxin from the cauldron that is there if you have an empty bottle.