The Shadow Temple is a location within the game Sinjid Shadow of the Warrior. It serves as the main location for the entire playable portion of the game.

Basic DescriptionEdit

The Shadow Temple serves as a training place for ninjas. It contains various rooms which serve useful purposes. The entrance has two men, one of whom will heal Sinjid for a price. The other will help save the game file, and provides a limited amount of restorations. These restorations will completely heal Sinjid for free, but due to the limited amount, should only be used in dire situations. Several rooms contain shopkeepers. One room sells potions and food which can restore Sinjid's health, mana, or strength in a pinch. Others sell weapons or armor that can be equipped. Another room has three training levels, where Sinjid can practice against an immobile training ward. Near the back of the top floor, a library is found which contains several books with useful knowledge.

The main attractions at the Temple are the three gateways: The Human Gateway, the Monster gate, and the Dark Rift. The Human Gateway serves as the main test of a ninja's skills. Consisting of twenty increasingly difficult levels, a ninja must kill every human in the gateway to complete it. The monster gateway, there a ten levels that contain monsters of increasing strength. The monsters in general are much stronger than the human warriors in the Human Gateway, and so the Monster Gate should only be attempted after Sinjid has gained experience.

After completing the Human Gateway, Sinjid can enter the Dark Rift. The Dark Rift consists of only five levels, but the creatures within are the strongest of any enemy in the game. Each monster has a unique trait or skill that sets them apart and makes them difficult to defeat.