Sinjid is the third game in the Sinjid series. It is a role-playing action adventure game with real time battling made for flash by Krin. In this game, the players take control of the eponymous protagonist, Sinjid, and unfolds his story as the players progress.



Sinjid is an orphan who was taken in by Fujin, reputed to be the finest shinobi in the land. Fujin took great care of Sinjid, training Sinjid to be a fine shinobi in his own right. However, prior to the game's setting, Fujin dies under mysterious circumstances. Sinjid is charged with the crime. The empire was well aware of Fujin and Sinjid, and thus the empire and especially the lord of the imperial guards, Captain Masaru, was taken with shock at the idea that Sinjid murdered Fujin despite the kindness shown to Sinjid by Fujin. Despite this, no one believes Sinjid's claims of innocence.

The story unfolds as Sinjid, after seven years, is released from prison in the midst of an ongoing war. The leader of the imperial guard, Masaru, tells him that he needs Sinjid's service in the war, correctly assuming that Sinjid, as the student of Fujin, must be really skilled; Sinjid, as a prisoner, has no other choice but to comply. In return, Masaru offers him a reward - if Sinjid is able to defeat the Shogun who is waging the war, then he will be pardoned from his earlier crime and set free.

However, Sinjid also has other things in his mind. Knowing that he was framed, and upset with the fact that no one believes him, Sinjid sets up another goal: to find out who truly killed his master and confront that person. In this way, Sinjid will finally be able to redeem himself for a crime that he had never done. Sinjid accepts Masaru's offer, and begins by taking on the Shogun's warlords, defeating each one in turn. When Masaru is captured by the Shogun's forces, Sinjid undertakes a daring rescue, successfully convincing Masaru of his innocence.

After many fights and close calls, Sinjid finally defeats the Shogun, earning his freedom. However, Sinjid refuses Masaru's offer to return to the mainland in favor of continuing his pursuit of Fujin's murderer. While the identity of the murderer is still unknown, Sinjid has become aware of another man with a connection to him and Fujin, a man named Kazuro.

After learning more about Kazuro and chasing after him, Sinjid finally confronts Kazuro in one of his castles. There, he learns that Kazuro was also a student of his master, Fujin, and that Kazuro is the one who has killed his master. After asking for an explanation from Kazuro, Kazuro said that the kindness from his master was suspiciously too much for an orphan, and seeing how great of a coincidence it was that his master had more than one orphan under him who he took great care of, he was led to strongly believe something. Kazuro thought the only explanation for such behavior is that the parents of many children were killed by the imperial guards in times of war, and that Fujin himself has killed his parents and Sinjid's parents. To take revenge, he thought it was only fair that he killed Fujin in return.

Hearing this, Sinjid's spirit becomes somewhat broken, and his belief in his master wavers for a while, but he chooses that this isn't true at all, with no proof to back it up. Sinjid decides that Kazuro had made the whole thing up to hide his other selfish reasons for killing Fujin, such as possibly killing his master because he had the potential to defeat him later on. After choosing what he strongly believes is true, Sinjid and Kazuro engage in a fight, where eventually he defeats Kazuro.

After these events, Sinjid decides that he wants to retire from being a shinobi, at least for then.


The gameplay is designed to flow smoothly, and will give one of the best gameplay experiences among flash games. It is a role-playing game in the genre action adventure. The battle system is an active real time battling system, where the players must control the characters at all times to make sure the game progresses.

The game is created by Krin. The graphics is updated to allow GPU rendering.

The music and sound is created by David Orr. The music is orchestrated and sets the mood for each situation well.


There are four possible classes with which Sinjid can be played. They are:

Warrior - A melee class that focuses on delivering heavy damage while being able to sustain heavy damage in return. They have high damage and high defense, but these come at the cost of low agility, low speed and a lack of long-range moves. Usually, the type of weapon that suits them the best are two-handed weapons like swords.

Assassin - A melee class that focuses on rapid, low damage attacks. They have high agility and high speed, but these come at the cost of them being more fragile vitality and defense wise and having low attack. Assassins also posses the ability to use ranged attacks, such as throwing a Shuriken.

Priest - A ranged class that focuses on non-physical spells as their primary moves. They have high intellect, good agility, high vitality and high healing power, but these come at the cost of pretty low defense and a lack of good defense in a close range situation. Usually, the type of weapon that suits them the best are two-handed weapons like staves and weapons like sais.

Hunter - A class that is exclusive to the premium content package. They have great stats and can cause high damage through combos, but these come at the cost of low focus regeneration.


There are several statistics that influence Sinjid's power in battle. Health and Focus are basic stats. The next four statistics influence Health and Focus, as well as the power of special abilities. Also available are Damage and Defense, which focus on the power of physical attacks and the damage taken by such attacks.

Health - Refers to the total amount of damage that Sinjid can take. Regenerates over time.

Focus - Used to fuel most special skills. Regenerates over time.

Strength- Increases the power of Strength-based skills. Also determines the amount of damage reduction done by blocking attacks.

Intellect - Increases the power of Intellect-based moves. Also determines the rate of Focus regeneration

Agility' - Increases the power of Agility-based moves. Also determines the chance of a Critical Hit.

Vitality - Increases Health and increases the Health regeneration rate.


Sinjid can equip weapons and armor to increase his statistics. Both weapons and armor require that Sinjid be a certain level or above to use them. Both come in varying qualities, with higher qualities offering greater bonuses. Special equipment can also grant Sinjid an in-battle ability; for example, the Precision ability grants Sinjid a higher Critical Hit rate.

Armor can influence Strength, Intellect, Agility, and Vitality, as well as Defense. Some pieces of armor are included as part of a set. Equipping a certain number of pieces in the set grants additional bonuses on top of the armor's normal bonuses.

Weapons tend to influence Damage and a Statistic, usually Intellect, Agility, or Agility depending on the weapons. Weapons can be classified as one-handed or two-handed weapons. Sinjid can wield 2 one-handed weapons, but only 1 two-handed weapon.


Unlike past games, Sinjid has access to a wide array of skills. While in Sinjid Shadow of the Warrior, all four classes can potentially access all skills, in Sinjid, each class has their own exclusive set of skills that can be accessed. Skills are learned using Skill Points, which are acquired as Sinjid levels up. Some skills are more advanced, requiring that Sinjid have learned certain prerequisite skills first.

Skills start at a base level of damage, and can be upgraded using Skill points. Skills can be active or passive. Active skills can be used to inflict damage, while passive skills buff Sinjid or increase the strength of his active skills.


Sinjid can be played here.


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