Summary Edit

The Priest is one of the four classes in Sinjid. It is a magic-oriented class focused mainly on dealing damage at range. This class has the highest damage and the lowest chance of survival among the three main classes.

The bulk of the Priest's abilities are powered by the Intellect attribute, with Agility as a secondary consideration. Intellect increases the damage of the Priest's ranged attacks, as well as increasing the health healed from the Meditation spell. An Agility-dominant build is potentially viable, but only after unlocking the Ghost Shuriken ultimate ability.

Priest abilities have extremely high Focus consumption compared to the abilities of the other classes. As a result, Priests benefit the most from items that increase the maximum Focus limit or increase Focus regen.

As the archetypal glass cannon, the Priest is in a unique situation where nearly every engagement will be quite lopsided, for or against the player. Many levels can be completed by standing at the level entrance and killing all enemies with ranged magic from across the map, but enemies that can close the distance, by virtue of their high health/abilities, spawn position, or numerical superiority will give the Priest great trouble in trying to stay alive. Effective Priest play involves keeping distance from the enemy, by killing them before they approach or by using distancing or distracting abilities such as Blink or Summon Shadow. Some of the most dangerous enemy abilities to the Priest are the Kunai pull, the Samurai's Blood Mirror, and the Assassin's Vanish. Meanwhile, it is noticeable that Priest is effective against enemies who cast spells (eg. Shockwave, Charge, Full health regeneration...etc.) by interruption of their channeling with Shadow Lock.