"The Ataki clan who live here are said to be the masters of fire."


Ataki Peon x7
Ataki Warrior x6
Ataki Mage x6
Ataki Rogue x7
Ataki Adept x2
Magmaru (Mini boss)
Lady Kyori (Mini boss)
Lord Yamoto (Boss)


From AreaEdit

Sinjid Ruby Ruby (obtain from rock)

Sinjid Arcane Blade Arcane Blade (loot from chest)

Sinjid Gold (Currency) 500 Gold

Sinjid Ruby Ruby (obtain from rock)

Sinjid Gold (Currency) 500 Gold

Sinjid Gold (Currency) 500 Gold

Sinjid Deep Water Deep Water (obtain from well)

Sinjid Governor's Hat Governor's Hat (loot from chest)

Sinjid Gold Gold (obtain from rock)

Sinjid Mask of Insanity Mask of Insanity (loot from chest)

Sinjid Bloodbane Bloodbane (loot from chest)

Sinjid Gold (Currency) 2000 Gold

From CharactersEdit

Ataki Warrior:
Sinjid Molten Helm Molten Helm (8.3%)

Sinjid Molten Gauntlets Molten Gauntlets (8.3%)

Sinjid Molten Sabatons Molten Sabatons (8.3%)

Sinjid Pillar of Flame Pillar of Flame (5%)

Sinjid Packed Bento Packed Bento (50%)

Ataki Mage:
Sinjid Gloves of Embers Gloves of Embers (6.3%)

Sinjid Vest of Embers Vest of Embers (6.3%)

Sinjid Leggings of Embers Leggings of Embers (6.3%)

Sinjid Boots of Embers Boots of Embers (6.3%)

Sinjid Forged Ring Forged Ring (5%)

Sinjid Spring Water Spring Water (50%)

Ataki Rogue:
Sinjid Firestorm Vest Firestorm Vest (8.3%)

Sinjid Firestorm Leggings Firestorm Leggings (8.3%)

Sinjid Firestorm Boots Firestorm Boots (8.3%)

Sinjid Flame Snap Flame Snap (5%)

Sinjid Packed Bento Packed Bento (50%)

Sinjid Firestorm Mask Firestorm Mask (50%)

Sinjid Molten Aegis Molten Aegis (50%)

Sinjid Blaze Blaze (10%)

Sinjid Tea Tea (100%)

Sinjid Elixir of Power Elixir of Power (5%)

Lady Kyori:
Sinjid Firestorm Gloves Firestorm Gloves (50%)

Sinjid Leggings of Embers Leggings of Embers (50%)

Sinjid Scroll of Wrath Scroll of Wrath (10%)

Sinjid Ikura Maki Ikura Maki (100%)

Sinjid Shadow Gem Shadow Gem (5%)

Lord Yamoto:
Sinjid Hood of Embers Hood of Embers (50%)

Sinjid Molten Legplates Molten Legplates (50%)

Sinjid Flame Katana Flame Katana (10%)

Sinjid Chilli Ramen Chilli Ramen (100%)

Sinjid Ruby Ruby (5%)

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