"Deadly poison is manufactured and exported from these gloomy woods."


Scout Eri (Temporary)
Captain Masaru (Temporary)
Venom Retainer x4
Venom Rogue x4
Venom Caster x5
Venomwood Worker x4
Ryota the Sly (Mini boss)
Lord Takeshi (Boss)


From AreaEdit

Sinjid Gold (Currency) 60 Gold

Sinjid Venomwood Toxin Venomwood Toxin (obtain from cauldron)

Sinjid Venom Hold Venom Hold (loot from chest)

Sinjid Deep Water Deep Water (obtain from well)

Sinjid Gold (Currency) 60 Gold

From CharactersEdit

Venom Retainer:
Sinjid Fighter's Armor Fighter's Armor (8.3%)

Sinjid Shadow Pride Shadow Pride (8.3%)

Sinjid Venom Ring Venom Ring (8.3%)

Sinjid Venom Fury Venom Fury (5%)

Venom Rogue:
Sinjid Alchemist's Vest Alchemist's Vest (8.3%)

Sinjid Spider's Reach Spider's Reach (5%)

Sinjid Sharp Strider Sharp Strider (8.3%)

Sinjid Venom Shanker Venom Shanker (8.3%)

Sinjid Grilled Chicken Grilled Chicken (35%)

Venom Caster:
Sinjid Alchemist's Hood Alchemist's Hood (8.3%)

Sinjid Alchemist's Gloves Alchemist's Gloves (8.3%)

Sinjid Venom Staff Venom Staff (8.3%)

Sinjid Spring Water Spring Water (70%)

Venomwood Worker:
Sinjid Crab Claw Crab Claw (70%)

Ryota the Sly:
Sinjid Webbed Helm Webbed Helm (33.3%)

Sinjid Webbed Armor Webbed Armor (33.3%)

Sinjid Webbed Boots Webbed Boots (33.3%)

Sinjid Spider's Bite Spider's Bite (20%)

Sinjid Elixir of Healing Elixir of Healing (100%)

Lord Takeshi:
Sinjid Takeshi's Helm Takeshi's Helm (33.3%)

Sinjid Takeshi's Greaves Takeshi's Greaves (66.7%)

Sinjid Takeshi's Glaive Takeshi's Glaive (20%)

Sinjid Elixir of Luck Elixir of Luck (50%)