"A cold and desolate place where an Imperial traitor has run to hide."


Scout Eri (Temporary)
Izumi Warrior x3
Izumi Healer x5
Izumi Assassin x3
Izumi Elite x3
Retainer Goro (Mini boss)
Warlord Izumi (Boss)


From AreaEdit

Sinjid Gold (Currency) 25 Gold

Sinjid Bottled Izumi Water Bottled Izumi Water (obtain from hidden well)

Sinjid Crystal Crystal (obtain from rock)

Sinjid Gold (Currency) 25 Gold

Sinjid Lineage Scroll Lineage Scroll (loot from chest)

Sinjid Izumi Sabatons Izumi Sabatons (loot from chest)

Sinjid Kabuki Mask Kabuki Mask (loot from chest)

Sinjid Frost Katana Frost Katana (loot from chest using Small Silver Key)

From CharactersEdit

Izumi Warrior:
Sinjid Izumi Helm Izumi Helm (12.5%)

Sinjid Marine Leggings Marine Leggings (12.5%)

Sinjid Silver Ring Silver Ring (10%)

Sinjid Tofu Tofu (70%)

Izumi Healer:
Sinjid Frost Figurine Frost Figurine (10%)

Sinjid Spirit Bo Spirit Bo (25%)

Sinjid Spring Water Spring Water (100%)

Izumi Assassin:
Sinjid Tiger Blood Tiger Blood (10%)

Sinjid Iron Sai Iron Sai (35%)

Sinjid Grilled Chicken Grilled Chicken (70%)

Izumi Elite:
Sinjid Lamellar Helm Lamellar Helm (8.3%)

Sinjid Plated Vambraces Plated Vambraces (8.3%)

Sinjid Lamellar Legguards Lamellar Legguards (8.3%)

Sinjid Iron Spear Iron Spear (20%)

Sinjid Ikura Maki Ikura Maki (50%)

Retainer Goro:
Sinjid Iron Kusari Iron Kusari (50%)

Sinjid Goro's Trinket Goro's Trinket (50%)

Sinjid Packed Bento Packed Bento (100%)

Warlord Izumi:
Sinjid Izumi's Grip Izumi's Grip (50%)

Sinjid Armor of Winter Armor of Winter (50%)

Sinjid Small Silver Key Small Silver Key (100%)

Sinjid Tea Tea (100%)


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